Pretty bicycles from Velorbis.

If only the city where I live had some bicycle paths... I would've rode those lovely lady-bikes to school. You know, the world's getting hotter, pollutions are everywhere. Nowadays, there's this fixed-gear-fever, which is good, I think---even tho some people ride this fixie bikes just to follow the trend, and bike-to-school does sound familiar, and there are more and more people who have finally realized that bicycle is a good thing. So mayor, government, anyone who's responsible, would you please, realize this fact and build some bicycle paths?

p.s. New header, whaddya think?


  1. ive always wanted a bike like these! they're soo cute and it would be so fun to ride around town on one, but where I live I would get lots of looks haha!!
    fabulous blog :)
    check out a giveaway Im holding on my blog :)

  2. I have a 1975 Schwinn Collegiate that I just love, but these are so shiny and pretty and new!!! I love the white one at the end. As soon as winter ends, I try to start riding my bike as many places as I can to get in shape and do my little bit for the environment. Great post!!!

    - Lindsay

  3. I think that to maintain the ecology should take advantage of the bicycle.

  4. cool bikes! but too bad I can't even ride one :(

  5. Thank-you for the comment my lovely..
    oh my goodness, i'm in love! xx

  6. i'd like to be riding these pretty bikes! someone stole the seat from mine and now i can't ride it :(


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