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Guess what, guess what. I joined a writing contest on www.mymocca.com aaand they choose my story as one of the favorites! And they're gonna give me a rehearsal show CD! If I were Gaga, I'd like to say 'So happy I could die!' Yeehaw! Thank you so much Mocca, you're also one of my favorite :)

Want to see what kind of story that I wrote and sent to them? Here it is!

Secret Admirer
It was a rainy, Sunday afternoon, and I was alone, sitting in a pavement cafe. There's a sheet of paper in my hand, pink colored. I found it yesterday, lying in my drawer. I read every single word written on that paper. Sweet words. At the end of the letter, written in neat handwriting, Your Secret Admirer. And as if the radio in that cafe know from whom the letter I was reading, it played a song with Secret Admirer on its lyrics. That sweet song makes me smile.

I sat in the cafe for hours, wondering who is my secret admirer. I drank a glass of Mocca (beverages that only available in this cafe, mixture of mocha and caramel) and keep thinking. Is he a tall, handsome man with two beautiful eyes that make me couldn't turn my face from those eyes, or an ordinary man, with an extra ordinary heart?

I ordered another Mocca, and imagined how great it would be if I could meet my admirer. Maybe he's not as sweet as what he wrote on his letter, but I was so sure he's a kind man. Maybe he's just to shy to tell what he feels with utterance, so he wrote this letter.

Would one day he'd be brave enough to meet me? If he would, what if it was me who was too embarrassed to see his face? What if he's not as handsome as I imagined, or what if he's a bad guy?

Oh, secret admirer, you're bothering me with your sweet words. But I'm dying to know, will I know who you really are, or will you just be a sweet secret in my whole life?

Secret Admirer is the  title of one of Mocca's songs. I really love that song. Hear it!

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