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When I first realized that Oreo celebrated its 100th anniversary last year.. I was like.. No waaay! A hundred years? Like, for real? A biscuit can lasted for that long period of time? It simply blew me away.

And then I think again.. What makes this wonderful cookie became as wonderful as it is? I mean, it's not just a cookie, it's a phenomenon! How many bakery and patissiere put Oreo in their creation? How many cafes serve a drink that has 'Oreo' in its name? Oreo cake, oreo truffles, oreo milkshake, oreo doghnut, etc, etc. And I bet they all taste delicious! (Unless it's burnt in the oven or overcooked or had any other incident that causes the Oreo tastes different)

How come in this big, full-of-cookies-world I haven't tasted anything like the Oreo? Do they keep their secret recipe in a Switzerland bank?

Man, I think Oreo is the second best invention after the light bulbs.

Today I finally (at last!) searched The History of Oreo on the internet to fullfilled my wondering mind.

Found this video on Youtube, pretty much explain it all.

The first Oreo was produced in 1912, by a company named Nabisco (National Biscuit Company) in America. And here's a funny thing, this phenomenal biscuit is actually an imitation of a biscuit named Hydrox, that was produced four years before Oreo strikes. I think this is what people call 'steal like an artist'.

Maybe they initially steal, but look who's been widely known? The Oreo team must have a greater branding plans and the name Oreo.. it sounds way better than Hydrox right? People won't even guess that Hydrox is a name of a biscuit if they haven't seen the ads.

The design of  Oreo cookie has changed as time passed by. So have the packaging and logo. The 'ancestor' Oreo had a simpler surface than the Oreo we eat today. But the taste of it, yum, I can imagine myself munching the crunchy chocolate biscuit mixed with the sweet, creamy fillings. Maybe the taste will change because well..the world change doesn't it? It won't have the exact same taste as it was in its first production.

I also jump into their site, Oreo.com and find some amazing promotional videos and songs with the tagline: Wonderfilled. The songs started with 'Wonder if I gave an Oreo..' and the imagination flows. It's also said that they wanna celebrate 'the kid inside' and this is genius. I think no matter how long we have aged, we all always have a kid soul in our hearts, a soul that often wonders and wander around. But it's up to us, whether we wanna bring the soul out or just wanna keep it locked in a room in our hearts.

The singer of this 'Wonderfilled' song is Owl City (you can find other version of the song here), but I'm not sure who wrote the lyrics is it Owl City or the Oreo team ('-' )

If I kept that 'kid soul' inside me locked I wouldn't be here writing this post in the middle of the night. I like letting it out, I wanna learn about all the little things in life that I might have ignored. Turns out.. So much to learn from a biscuit, right? 

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