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Life's been rolling and rolling, and I'm sorry I haven't got the time (or the will, if you want me to be honest) to share it all to you. The updates of "how's my life been going on" are scattered around in some of my social medias (instagram, path (did I eventually sign up for a path account? Yes, I did. Sorry my old self, I couldn't keep the promise), facebook, line, etc. etc.).

However, today I decided to be back on blog-writing and yeaaah I'm gonna fill this empty page with my thoughts that's been rumbling on my mind lately. I'm making a new segment here by putting the word 'Thoughts' upfront plus its hashtag. And today I feel like writing in English so yeah hehe pardon me if you find that my English skill isn't qualified enough.

Okay enough for the small talks, now let me get to the main stories.. and thoughts.

A few days ago me and my friend Adrian were dealing with this perizinan shit when we stumbled upon an information board. There was a poster that made me stop for a few minutes, took some photos, and told Adrian 'Whoa this is interesting'. The headline was "Planet 50-50: Comic & Cartoon Competion for Gender Equality".  Adrian read it too and his reaction was like 'Well yeah, this topic is so you. Feminism and stuff.'

You sure, Adrian? Teeehee well maybe he said that because every time we discuss topics around gender, I've always been like..don't be sexist, women are capable too, women are this, women are that, *stating that I'm proud to be a woman*, *getting angry at those who underestimate women*, and stuff. This issue pops up in conversations I had with my other friends too but what Adrian said got me thinking.. Have I truly understand the true meaning behind feminism itself? My friend once explained his thoughts on feminism but then I realized that I haven't made up the conclusion from what I heard and read and define it on my head.

Later on I thought that I should join the comic & cartoon contest but before putting it visually, I need to find more information about gender equality, feminism, and stuff (how many times have I used 'and stuff' already?), *Sigh* Long story short, I ended  up watching some videos on YouTube. Before I continue, you might want to watch it too (or have you guys watched it already? Then good for you)

I took some notes and here are some things that I'd like to underline:
1. Feminism isn't a men-hating movement. It's seeking to establish equal rights and opportunities for both women and men.
2. Well naturally, men are physically stronger and in the ancient times, those who are strong are those who survive. But hey, now it's a modern age where humans have evolved. We need humans who are intelligent, creative, and innovative, we need more brains not only muscles.
3. Feminists are people who believe that you shouldn't define a person based on one particular label such as gender. This gender problem prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing who we are.

I'm sure there are still lots of people who misunderstand the true meaning behind feminism itself. As for me, I don't really like putting myself under some specific labels or idealism because I feel like I will always be open to a lot of different thoughts and perspectives so... I'm not gonna call myself a feminist, but I fully support all these gender equality movements. And by saying equality, it doesn't have to be literally equal, like when boys get 50 girls get 50 too. Naturally, men and women were created differently, so I believe that we both have our own roles. If not so, why did God create two different gender in the first place? Let's just live our live peacefully, let's walk hand in hand and make the world a better place. Be who you want to be, do what you think you like regardless what gender you are (though I know in reality, it's not as simple as that). The important thing is, don't limit yourself by fulfilling other's expectation. Every time society tells you that women should be like this, men should be like that, start asking yourself "is it really true?".

This topic reminds me of something though. When I was in the first grade of elementary school, my school was building up some new buildings and we went to see the construction. And then.. (Gosh my memories are kind of fading.. how to put it into words..) The new building is a multi-storey building but it hasn't finished yet. You could see the top of it, you could stand and walk on its top but it's quite high, around 8 meters maybe from the ground. I saw a few of my friends went up there and I wanted to go too. But then my teacher said to me that girls aren't allowed to be there, only boys can. I remember that I cried quite loud, thinking that it's not fair and wondered why do girls can't do what boys can. Well I think my teacher was just concerned about my safety but when I look at it now.. I've been questioning this gender equality issue since I was a little kid.


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