Okay I'm Getting Older

I was born on 6th of December 1994. And here I am now. 15 already. Getting older and getting closer to death. I'm trying to pass the rest of the time God has given me to live in this world with all my best.

Nothing special today. I only requested my sisters and my brother to create a greeting card for me. Weird, I know, requesting for a greeting card to get it. But I didn't request for any gifts from them. DIY greeting card is more than enough.

And here are the cards I got:

This card is from my 11 years old sister. She used English but a lil bit 'campur-campur'.

And this elmo card is from my 8 years old sister. Just so you know she's having a chickenpox right now and she's been so stinky (she hasn't washed her hair for  4 days!)

This silly card is from my brother. He said his card is the coolest one. What do you think?

And the last one is from my 7 years old sister. She made it after she saw my brother's card. That's way the concept look the same: simple.

Another present for me.. It's Caca singing Happy Birthday with a guitar.

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Actually, I recorded this today (12/9/2009) after school. A lil too late but still, I was so grateful.

That's it. That's all what I want to share with you guys. See ya again soon.


  1. thanks for the lovely comment !

    Wowww,I love love all the cards you kept still over the years. So adorable looking all of them :)

  2. Silmiiii... :D
    maap lupa ngasi slamat.. hhe.

    Met Ultah yaa..
    -Smoga Lulus UN rata-rata 9 klo bisa 10 (Aminn)
    -Masuk Smansa (Aminn)
    -Disayang orang tua(Amin)
    -Hidup bahagia dunia akhirat (Amiiiiinnn)

  3. Makasih yaa Bimo amin amin amin amin


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