Old Men

Ahh, those men inspired me the first time I saw them! So I went to my Pop's closet and tadaaa...I found an old suspender which I believe he bought in 1990s.


Well, haha, I really want to laugh when I see those photos of me. I look fatter, you know. But that's a good thing, finally I have some photos where I'm not skinny.

Shirt (Brother's), Pants (I found it when I was tidying my cupboard), Suspender (Pop's)


  1. Wow.. Loved the vintage photo....
    The outfit with suspender.... It's funny...

  2. This is such a cute outfit. Love the suspenders and the colors.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.. we indeed have the macarons in our own way: open faced with lots of icing :D.


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