What do you do when you get so happy and excited? Me? I jump, I shout, and I smile! Those three things are my reaction of happiness.

So, after I know that I get that lovely giveaway from Evita Nuh (Yes! That uber-cool blogger!) I jumped and shouted 'AAAA' and I smiled, and I was sooo happy I could jump all nightlong!

Whoopie!!! Woohoo!! This week is awesome!

And oh, take a look at this

Want this book? Hurry, go to Dela's blog! Run, Alice, run!

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  1. wow i love this header by theway .. i cant see your image unfortunately :( what did you win ? congrats

  2. congrats on winning but i cant see the image either :(

  3. I won a red bow belt. That image up there is not the photo of the red bow belt, it's a photo of reaction of happiness :))

  4. Blogwalking. And I love to read the post on this blog.

    Anyway, Congratulation for the giveaway, dear..


  5. blogwalking..
    and, oh, i envy you! you're so lucky, the belt is beautiful! :)

  6. That bow belt is gorgeous! Congrats on winning~ I have an obsession with big bows like that. Really nice colour too, it would look awesome with so many outfits.


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