Meet the Silly Rabbit

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+ Finally had the time to 'play' with my dearest old friend, Adobe Photoshop. And that 'playing time' has brought this Silly Rabbit to life.

+ Currently loving the shape of Triangles. I don't know why but I keep drawing that shape. Everywhere. Anywhere.

+ Things could've been better... At the end of the day I have myself to blame.

+ To quote John Mayer, I wanna scream at the top of my lungs!

+ Whatever happens, I wanna thank God for every little piece of happiness He gave to me.


  1. just found your blog! love its name and this post



    xx Audrey

  2. what a nice post! mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you bacjk then..:) and please let me me know if you already follow me :)


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