The World In A Cup

Hi! How are you guys doing? 
Uh, I finally found something to do! Thank God World Cup is finally here. I spent most of the nights watching twenty two men kicking a ball and making goals.

What's your favorite team? Mine is England but yeah, as you had known, they've kicked out from this cup after beaten by Germany. I'm not hating Germany because of this cause I love them both---I can't choose between Lampard or Schweinsteiger, they're really really cool. I hate the referee of this match. I think he's got an eye-ache or something.

I just want to make this post a quick one, so here comes 
The End


  1. I really wish I watch more of the World Cup!
    But it's always on at such weird times like 3am because of the time difference.

    I suppose my favourite team would be Australia, naturally. I also like Korea for some reason, probably because I'm really into Korean fashion and music at the moment hehehe ;)

  2. Mine is Germany, but too bad, yesterday it was beaten by Spanish!! :(

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