Who to follow: You-Know-Who

Yeah you better be fu-king following him
Every single tweet that he tweeted always makes me laugh, or at least makes me....smile? Well the important thing is, he, whose name shouldn't be called, sees the world from some different sides, and that's what makes his tweets are so absurd, silly and smart at the same time. And oh, you should see his twitpic. I mean, you must.


  1. Hahah, You wouldn't believe how much I FREAKING LAUGHED at that picture. Oh my go, I can't breathe. Super cute blog too! I love your style!
    Oh, and the big news has just been announced in my new post! & Thanks for you ultra sweet comment! Panda xo

  2. HAHA his tweets are so crazy and funny! How do people come up with this stuff lol


  3. mhihihihhi silly ;p
    anyway thank you for checking my blog and leave comment too ;)
    thank you so much silmi, follow me if u want
    thank u so much kepp blogging


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