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Oh I wanted to post this since a long time ago. You know we had holiday a few months ago, and on that lovely no-school-so-say-hooray day I spent most of the time watching movies and TV series/shows/dramas/whatever it is that screened on TV.  I watched many different kind of movies, from Hollywood to Bollywood. I borrowed my friend’s DVDs and did a marathon. And this habit continues, tho the holiday’s over I tried to steal some of my free time to watch something (kinda bad actually, I could’ve used those time to study or sleep  :p).

Movies are great but what have been sticking in my mind lately are TV Series. The beauty of a series, it keeps you watching it over and over again and you’re not gonna stop until you see what happens in the end. The characters will stick in your mind, they will haunt you forever. Ho ho ho.
Here are some series I’ve been seeing. They’re highly recommended---by me.


Well who doesn’t love Glee? Full of great musics and teaches you how to live your Life.  I shudder every time the casts sing a song. So lovable. I’m sure I don’t have to write many words cause all you got to do is just start to watch this! ;-)


At first I wasn’t interested to see this. At all. I thought this series was just like a vampire fever due to the succes of Twilight Saga. Then a friend of mine lent me the DVDs of the first season (which was first aired in 2009, and I watched it in the end of 2010. Pretty late, I know). 

Watched the first episode and I was like…Eeeew Stefan and Elena is like a copy of Edward and Bella. But I decided to keep going…Yeah let’s see what this series is gonna bring us to. And it got me. Cheez I’m hardcore fan of fiction. In my dictionary, Imagination means a key to success. All those wizards, vampires, witches, werewolves, magicians, talking-animals, all those mystical-thingies are my favorite. And my, oh my, Damon Salvatore is another reason why I do keep watching Vampire Diaries.


I know this series from one of my fellas. she says that this series is a really good one and keeps telling everyone to watch it.  Haha credit to @curbsidegirl. So I began to watch this and started to fall in love after some episodes.

Modern Family tells a story about a one big happy family with different kind of people, cultures, and idealisms. It shows you all the struggles and battles and wars, and funny and happy things that could possibly happen in a family. There are so many jokes you can laugh at and so many life lessons you can get. Well, families are the closest people around us so how come you don’t want to watch this?


Have seen some great Korean Dramas and this… You MUST see this one. This drama tells a story about the Cutest Couple, everrr. It’s about loving someone no matter what he/she is. I did smile when the couple do some funny things. I did cry when I was watching the last episode. The story is sweet and sour, like a strawberry.

I dream high…. I can fly high….. This is the first Musical Korean Drama I’ve ever watched and I just love it! The story line is kinda surprising. There are six different people with different personalities trying to chase their dreams in this drama. And you won’t stop until you’ve seen the sixteen episodes of Dream High. Another great drama with Ultra Cute Korean boys! Yayness :-3

It will take hours or maybe days to tell you the greatness of those series up there. And it’s gonna be a really, really long post. So if you wanna know more just turn the screen on and enter the marvelous world of TV series…. Bon apetite!

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