+ Just got back from a fun trip to Bali and Bromo with my school mates. By going back from this trip, it means my time of being the 11th grader is coming to its end. Time doesn’t run. Holy smurf, it flies.

+ Bali’s sky! Every day we went out for a tour, the sky always looks so pretty. Bright blue, white clouds, and limitless. And when the night comes, I could see the stars shining so beautifully. A lot of stars! A lot more than I’ve ever seen here in my city.

+ The trip made me realize that working as a Tour Guide is underrated. Man, I didn’t know what a genius person a tour guide is. His ability of knowing all the things we don’t always know blew me away. This may sound a bit too much but I was flabbergasted.

+Billion of thanks for you my dearest God, for giving me eyes to see the beauty of the Earth.

+Indonesia, you’ve got so many diamonds hiding underneath. I want to discover more and more and more! :-)

Photos are courtesy of Tamara Permadi

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