Korean Invasion

When you hear the word 'Korean Music', the first thing that will pop in your mind might be boybands and girlbands and all those dancing thingies. I initially thought the same way but you know what, there came a day when I found out about their K-indie bands and I was like "Finally!".

I'm not saying the boybands and girlbands are not good, they-well most of them- are marvelous. It's just that sometimes I get tired of seeing the dancing boys teehee (No offense to the k-pop lovers so don't feel offended awkay?). So I was really curious about Korean's independent musics. Well here are some of them if you're now getting as curious as I were before. Happy reading and listening (and watching a youtube video that I added along with the description of each band)! :-)

Captained by Cha Hyosun, Trampauline is a synth-pop unit from Seoul. Since the 2nd album there had been a guitarist, Naeun, but this year she left the band so Hyosun is now the only member. Check out this video of Trampauline when Naeun was still on the band.


Trampauline has been electronically stealing my heart. Why? The simple beats and the abundance of synth successfully fill the joy in me. From what I read on last.fm, Cha Hyosun have had several goals while working on her songs like;
+Bring the sounds of everyday life surroundings into music.
+Let songs tell stories that are vivid enough to steal people's hearts.
+Wear them an outfit of electronic music, but with an acoustic spirit at the core.
I think she nailed it, she kicked the ball and made the goal.

When you search Linus' Blanket on google the result may gives you some images of Linus and his blanket, yes, that famous American character from Peanuts comic. No google isn't wrong because the band name was taken from that comic indeed.

Linus' Blanket has released some EP's that were released under BeatBall Music Record--the same label that released Mocca's album in Korea! Speaking of which, when I first heard Linus' Blanket's song I thought "whoa this is like a Korean Mocca" beacuse the jazzy, swinging and soft singing from Linus'Blanket lead vocal, Yeaon Gene kinda reminds me of Mocca's vocalist, Arina. But there are some differences and they have their own uniqueness, of course.

Here's a music video of Linus' Blanket's Show Me Love, a song from their first full album Show Me Love that was released 2011 under Sony Music.

Pretty amusing, don't you think?

Perky and whimsical. When a song sounds like those two, I just can't stand not to listen to it and feel amused. Well Lucite Tokki has it all. 

The current members of the band are Cho Ye-jin, who sings and plays keyboard, and Kim Sun-young, a gifted guitar player. They're kinda famous in Korea I think, because some of their songs are used for drama and TV show soundtrack. 

Lucite Tokki was initially named Tokki because one of them loves rabbit and the other one looks like rabbit. But a friend told them the name 'Tokki' is too kitschy so when Ye-jin discovered a necklace made of Lucite, they eventually changed the name into Lucite Tokki. With a base of pop, Lucite Tokki creates honest music expressing their thoughts and feelings about their daily life. 

They released three albums in total and also some singles. Their first album, Twinkle Twinkle was released on December 2007 and has grown a lot of fans ever since. Intrigued to listen to their songs? Take a peek at their project called Lucite Tokki's Suitcase Theater, where they acoustically play some of their songs. Be prepared to be surprised!

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