Holiday, oh, holiday/
And the best one of the year/

Vampire Weekend might think so.. But these holi-days have been like..some hibernation-days for me. Too much sleeping, extravagant sleeps. I feel guilty yet blissful because when School comes back  to town there's no way in hell nor in heaven I could sleep as much as I sleep during the holidays. So yeah..

Before my brain gets rusty I decided to make something and it turned out to be collages. Collages are real fun, aren't they? You can create anything you want, anything that pop out in your head, there are no rules. They are actually some digital collages (you can make your own by visiting this amazing site), not that cut-from-your-vintage-books collages. If you want to see some beautiful collages you can see what Vantiani and Resatio Adi Putra makes. Theirs are super mega ultra zinga wonderful.

I actually wanted to make something more..crowded? I mean, my works recently are too minimalist and I need to go beyond my comfort zone but each time I try the result always turns out to be like this.. I think I need some brain-rejuvenation and some courage to leave this comfortable comfort-chair.

Anyways, happy new year people! We make it through the 366-days journey around the sun without any dooms day in it (right, Mayans?). New year, new things, new journeys, new haircut, new spirit!

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