ARTE Indonesia 2013

Hello blog! It's been a while isn't it? Well, well, you know what I've been doing..try-outs and stuffs... So forgive me will you? Now I'm here to tell you that last Sunday (03/31/13) I went to ARTE -a contemporary art festival- and everything was awesome! As far as I remember twas the coolest free-of-charge event I've ever attended. Not only I could see some brilliant visual arts but there were also musical performances from various bands and what wow-ed me the most was the video mapping and sound and lighting. Here are some visual artworks made by brilliant people, (sorry for the poor resolution)...

(from top to bottom): Bujangan Urban, Syaiful Ardianto, Ykha Amelz, Oom Leo, Angga Cipta, Emte, and Yaya sung

There are lots of creative minds in our beloved country don't you agree? I'm looking forward to see another events like this 'round the city.

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