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Happy Sunday morning people!

Another Sunday, another weekend. 

Got no schedule? Got no money in your pocket? You want to watch that latest Iron Man movie so bad but you've got no one to watch with? Okay let's just spend the day watching the clouds from your bedroom's window. Or maybe read some books and Sunday's newspaper. Or...let's watch some entertaining short films!

Head Over Heels (2012)
Directed by Timothy Reckart, this film was nominated for Best Animated Short Film for the 85th Academy Awards. It's a great film with a great story, indeed.

Paperman (2012)
Disney's short movie! Well we all love Disney don't we? This black and white animation was directed by John Kahrs and won Best Animated Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards and Annie Award for Best Animated Short Subject at the 40th Annie Awards.

Signs (2008)
Office romance story never gets old. I watched this first before I watched Disney's Paperman and the plot is kind of similar but they tasted different. Directed by Patrick Hughes, this Australian short movie will....will make your heart smiles.

And there are lots of short films you can watch on Vimeo or Youtube! Hahaha sorry I only post these three short films, actually there's one film I've watched and want to post it here but I couldn't find the link.. It's a Japanese short animation, I watched it on Vimeo.. But I forgot the title so.. Maybe if you find it you might want to tell me? And also, if you find another great short films just share it with me awkay?

Have a blessful Sunday! :-D

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