Tidak Bisa Tidur #3

4:32 am and it's raining quite heavily.
I changed my blanket cause it wasn't warm enough. The clock ticked and produced some kind of sound. Sound that you can hear every thirty minutes.

I don't know why but I feel like writing some notes on my phone.

I think these days I'm kind of feeling quite lonely. I don't know. Is it just me being so sceptical about lots of things or is it just...

Things that change. Time that moves too fast. Life that keeps on rolling. People who come and go. Human beings that can't be trusted.

And then there's me.

A questioning machine. A mixture of lil bit of this and that. A bundle of things that were scattered on the internet. A bag of pieces from children story books. A package consisted of unplanned plans.

Hhhhh. Let's just get these shits done.
Pour salt on the wound and be done with it!

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