First Day at School


FINALLY after more than one month holiday i went to school for the first time. You know what guys, start from this year, they put ALL GIRLS in the same class.Yeah, there are no any BOYS in my class. I felt a bit weird actually, when i looked around the class it's all girls. And of course, it makes the class noisy. I think there are plus and minus by putting girls in the same class.

Btw, on the first day at school there's orientation for the new students. And all new students are boys of course. FYI, my class is the only one class with girls, so when i go out from that school there will be no girls any more.

Hmm now i want to show you what i wore on my first day at school

Actually, this is my lil' sis backpack. I need to wore a small backpack, i'm sure i'll just study some lesson. You can see what's inside my bag;

There's just one note book, pencil case, water bottle and my friend's book, i borrowed it from her.

Just wanna show off :P I found this on ITC, but it's not fake, it's original. I really <3 this pencil case. Oh yeah the elephant key chain is a gift from Thailand. My friend, Novia, gave it to me this morning

Well well it's not a nice thing to show off but i just want you see what shoes i've wore since i'm in the 7th grade. It's a bit broken already, on the backside.

Okay, that's all what i wanna share to you, i'll be glad if want to share yours too

BYE BYE ^____^

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