Hellooo again friends.

Guess what, today is NADYA'S BIRTHDAY! We've planned to trick her today. And i think it's success enough.

First, we hid her English workbook and her dictionary, and we also have tell the English teacher to trick her out. We are cooperated ;D

Then the English lesson started. Mr. Cetin, our English teacher asked Nadya to go to in front of the class because she didn't bring her workbook and her dictionary. At that moment i saw Nadya's eyes were sparkling. Oops, i thought she was going to cry. But fortunately she wasn't.

And finally at the lunch break Tara and Damba (i think they're Nadya's best friends for now) reprimanded Nadya (of course they were just pretending to hate her).

We have bought a cake for her but the cake came late and we was frightened. How if we couldn't give the cake on time? We called the bakery shop many times, and FINALLY the cake came!

We put candles on the cake and came to the class in hurry

Then we entered the class and sang 'Happy Birthday Nadya'. And you know what, Nadya was crying!

I wanted to cry too when i saw she was crying. Then we all hugged her and say sorry for tricked her.

And the last thing we did of course ate the cake and pizzas! (Nadya also treat us with pizza)

I think today is a wonderful and unforgettable day for her (i hope so)

At first I felt really weird with all girls in the same class but now I've just settled in with this class! It became so fun and we became closer too

I hope in this class there are more and more FUN every day!


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