It's My Second Home

I spend many hours in a week here. Yes. At school. Yes. I spent those hours in my classroom.

My school building is not really big--or maybe I can say that it is small, but it has many rooms. So to find my classroom you have to pass some turnings (I was a lil bit confused about the rooms when I first study here). And my classroom can be found in a corner of the third floor.

To ensure that you are entering the right class, the name of the class who belongs the room is written on a board.

This rule is only used in my classroom: you have to put your shoes off before entering the room. Me and my friend have worked hard to clean the room when we first got it so please don't ruin that.

When you enter my classroom, you will see that the desks arrangement in my class is like this:

Maybe it's different with other school. Even the other classes in my school don't have a desk arrangement like that.

I sat here today. But tomorrow I might not sit here anymore. There's something like a sit-system in my class; every morning we're gonna draw the sit position so you'll have different chair mates each day.

Can you see that board on the wall? We put our photos there and also some important announcement.

I think my class room is as comfortable as my home. I eat, play, chat, study, sleep, and even pray there. And my class mates are just like my own family. That's why I call it 'My Second Home'.


© Silly Me
Maira Gall