Here are some silly things that I did this holiday..

This holiday is not so long, actually. It's only a two-weeks-holiday. But I've been so bored by doing nothing at home and then I tried to imitate this photo into a picture..

But what I actually did is...

I drew this weirdo picture! Sorry for making your face looks that weird Ms. Chung.

Another thing, one night I drank a cup of coffee. And guess what? I slept at four in the morning! I tried to sleep at 2 am but I couldn't and I just rolled and rolled on my bed. I woke up in the morning and feel so sleepy. Now I realized that caffeine is not a good thing for me, even though it made me got some inspiration at that night.

I just want to make this post a quick post, so, here's the end. Sorry for this silly post. I'll be back with another one.

And oh oh before you leave my blog check this marvelous things out!

Cute accessories from modcloth.com


  1. you are so talented! it's not weird at all... i love the ring. lovely blog!


  2. that drawing is not bad at all! its quite accurate actually. well done :D thanks for visiting me.
    xx steelboots.blogspot.com

  3. I love alexa i think she has a great style!. The drawing is amazing you should see my work 1 grade kids can do better!! you always have the most amazing things on your blog love it!! = -)
    oh and did you say silly things you did i say not i think you had fun hahaha!! (i little joke haha! wow! that was a bad joke ok have a brilliant day)

  4. love the drawing of alexa! so cute


  5. Hey!
    Thank you very much for your comment!
    nice blog!
    I like drawing and I'm not wrong, I draw people (that does not mean they do not draw other things) and believe me that this provided, congratulations!
    and Dont worry, all that kind of post went up ...
    Anyway, happy holidays!

  6. nice drawing!!!

    thanks for visiting my blog!


  7. REPLY
    Itu bukan sepeda lipat :)
    hihi itu sepeda biasaaaa

  8. hello! love ur blog! thank for check my blog, and sorry for my bad bad English, i'm embarrased
    kisses and merryxmas!


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