The Headless Songstress

HEYY I'm here guys! It's been a week and a day since my last post. Thanks God my internet connection at home is back. But still, I won't post so often so..just wait until I've written a new one.

And here's the thing, I bought a super cool CD last week.

Gosh I really love the artworks.



  1. I love the artwork it’s amazing! It’s so fascinating! Well that’s good but don’t forget about us now, we need our daily cup of inspiration and a bit of sugar called wittiness hahaha! Take care sweetie and that’s so much for visiting my blog and leaving just great comments!

  2. thanks! and that cd looks ridiculously cool.. i love the comic book/vintage style of it!

  3. cool! the aartwork is so trippy!

    ps. thanks for visiting and commenting! rly appreciate the love xxx Haha maybe I'll try to read the Host again. Maybe. But I don't have the patience to humour Stephenie Meyer = = LOL.


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