Another 365-Day Trip Around the Sun

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Well…. Where should I start?

I AM SEVENTEEN! Can you believe that? Neither can I.

So I’ve been on this 365-Days-Trip Around the Sun for the 17th time. Means..I have spent how many hundred days living on this planet Earth? You do the math.

Actually, to be completely honest, I don’t wanna get any older. I want to be forever young. No, not that childish kind of young. I wanna be a young kid, who sees the world in such a simple way. Dance in the rain. Run with the wind. Paint rainbows. Chase the stars.  Life is an adventure.

(Do I start to sound like a TV commercial? Okay I’m so sorry. Gonna stop that right here)

 It’s not the wrinkles or how will I look when I’m a granny that terrifies me. To get older, but none the wiser. It is terrifying. Getting older and forget how to laugh. That one sounds even more terrifying. I don’t wanna have any more problems that will stress me out. Adults, they whine, groan, angry, and snore.

But that’s how life is. If I’m not growing, then I’m not living. If I don’t want to grow maybe I could just turn myself into a rock, or a bookshelf, or other un-living things. But fortunately, I don’t want to be a rock. I still wanna be a human, with its plus and minus (‘cause there won’t be any Plus if Minus doesn’t exist).  I’ll grow on my way. I can be an adult with a young-mind inside, rite? (Again, not a childish kind of young. Got what I mean?)

To be born as a human, it’s a gift that I should be grateful of. To be given the opportunity to live for the past seventeen years, I should be thanking God. So I’m gonna live the life joyfully, and be the best that I can be.
Some people call this moment as a Sweet Seventeen. You know what, it’s overrated. Being seventeen isn’t that sweet. It’s more like a wake up call. Wake up! Grow up! Wise up! Chin up!

Now I see,  it’s time to be a Better Me!

p.s. That beautiful pop-up card was made by the one and only Dewi Fortuna Maharani. Thanks again, dew! :-D


  1. Wonderfully put! Getting older does suck because you do become more serious and take more precautions, don't really say how you're truly feeling, etc etc

    Happy Birthday though :)


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