Say 'Hello' to 2010 and 'Goodbye' to 2009

Woow 2009 will be 2010 in a day. Time passed so fast! So what have I done during 2009? What happened in my life this year?

1. You know what I've lived in this world for 3/20 of the century. Yes I turned to 15 this year. I've grown older. I'm getting closer to death.  And I'm trying to do all my best in every second God has given to me

2.I'm getting lazier and lazier than last year. This one is such a bad, awful thing. I'm gonna have a National Exam in a few months. I know I must study harder and erase the word 'lazy' from my head but what happened is, I'm getting lazier. I have to throw the word 'lazy' away start from now. There's no time to wait until year 2010. It's a MUST.

3. Got my new hand phone (Y)(Y)(Y)

4. Started blogging. And I know I don't start a really great one. But then I saw other people's blog and got some inspiration. And.. here I am now.

5. Think more clearer. I tried to think what's the effect of my behavior

6. Being a 9th grader. Have a Girls-Only-Class. Yeah all of my classmates are girls. And sometimes there's a conflict (You now, girls). But I studied a lot of things. And I'm getting closer to the other girls who I didn't really know when I was in the 7th and 8th class.

And manyyy more. I forgot some of them, actually, hehe. The most important thing is, I hope I can be a better person next year. Oh God, I'm so grateful with my life now, and I will be more grateful if I get a better one. And You do know what's the best for me.

For the closing of this year, here's a silly video of my lil' sister (YES that kid on the video is a girl. She wanted her hair looks like my brother so here is she with her..pixie hair, maybe? Kind of, I think) imitating Michael Jackson.

[Upload your own video]

I think this is my last post in 2009. And..don't be sad if I don't post anything for a long time. You do know I'm facing a National Exam and there's a big probability there won't be any internet connection after the 31st of December.

Well see ya again someday! I'd love to give you all hugs and kisses as many as I can



  1. Awwww this is great I love it!! This is amazing am thinking of doing a video to thank all of your for your lovely comments so stay tuned!! Ok and I will miss you but good luck with the exams!!

  2. your little sister is so cute hahaha! :D

    eek i better make a list of my own... though i can't remember anything i did this year. except school work. >.< nothing special siigh...

    ps. thanks for visiting my blog! i really appreciate it! (:

  3. happy new year! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. Thanks for the best comment everrrrr! so sweet hope you had a wonderful new year and its great how you have anaylysed 2009 in writing - i just didi that in my head ;)
    speak to you soon!


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