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I looked into the mirror and wondered; "Am I really... 16 years old now?"
People grow up so fast. I couldn't believe the fact that in a year from now I will be 17.


  1. it's so true! we grow up so fast. happy sweet sixteen! can't believe i was 16 almost three years ago now, it was one of the best years ever!! congrats and i hope you had/have a great day!

  2. Haha, that's show I felt when I turned 16, doesn't feel that significant at the time but before you it it's your birthday again! xx

  3. halo :)

    happy belated birthday, Sweet!
    makasih banyak komennya, baru dibaca barusan :))

    btw, 16!!!!
    you're so young...
    or am i really that old?

    wishing you a nice weekend!



  4. Happy belated birthday! That photo is too cute. It's insane how time flies; enjoy your sweet sixteens while they last!

    Thanks ever so much for the follow! I adore your profile picture; it makes me smile every time I see it!

  5. happy birthday ;) hope you had fun ! and
    thank you for your sweet comment!


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