It begins with "Happy Belated New Year!"

Dear lovely readers,
I know it's wayyy too late to say this but Happy New Year!!! <:-)

New Year? Hey where have you been! January is leaving and February is coming. And you're still talking about New Year stuffs?

Haha well I really am sorry for the lack of updates in my blog. I skipped New Year, Holiday, and I almost skip January too. I just didn't have the right time to post something and I've been missing you so much, Bloggie.

So to pay my debt, leaving you guys for weeks, I'm gonna write some posts in a day. With many photos and maybe stories. All you need is just sit, read, and chew your gum. Now let's start with the New Year's Eve story!

 I spent the New Year's Eve at one of my JHS pal, with my JHS pals. And had a really, really great time.

We spent the whole night together. First we ate some yummy foods and not long afterwards people started to play the Throw-Your-Friend-to-the-Pool game. Splashes everywhere!!! 

2011 was getting closer so we burnt the fireworks. Thank God we didn't burn the house. Then New Year came! We're all saying Happy New Year to everyone and took some photos. Boys left at approximately 12 am and the girls were gonna have a slumber party. Sadly some of my girls couldn't stay longer and they have to go home. 

 There were seven of us who were going to stay and we're already wet. So we went back to the pool and +splash+ Woohoo yeah I swam at one o'clock in the morning! Had enough with the coldness of the water, we decided to go to sleep. Turned out we didn't go to sleep at all. Well there were one or two people who slept but most of us were just chatting, chatting and laughing. The next morning we cleaned the mess of our splashing time off and finally got some sleep.

Yes 'twas an exhausting night but it's worth the fun! The point pf New Year's Eve is not just to celebrate something or do something pointless, but we also give thanks to God 'cause after all these years, we're still able to see each other. We should have some more!

Well that was the story of mine. I would like to hear the story of yours :-D

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