La Sardina + Pattern = Awesomeness

Hi-ho! It’s been quite a while since I last literally wrote something on this blog. So here I am, my fingers are ready to press the keyboard’s buttons and type what my brain tells these fingers to.

First thing first, here's a good news from Lomography Society Indonesia. They're holding a  Lomo Blog Competition with La Sardina pattern edition as its prize! Sounds great, aye? Now I'm taking this chance, crossing my fingers, and wishing that I could be one of the winner.

As (probably) most of you have already known, a few months ago Lomography released their super duper magnificent product called La Sardina. And even better, they also released the patterned edition of it.

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These beautiful babies come in four patterns named Cubic, Domino, Mobius, and Quadrat. The Quadrat and Cubic editions also come with their own matching Fritz the Blitz flash. OMG I think it’s the most unique camera flash I’ve ever seen in my entire life :-O (this may sound a lil dramatic but believe me it’s true).

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Each camera is completed with some extra-ordinary features like a mind-blowing wide-angle lens, MX switch for easy multiple exposures and B Setting for long exposures.

It does, of course, produce beautiful photos (well, the beauty of taken-with-LOMO photos are undeniable, rite?) and sold in a quite affordable price. Interested to play around with these lovely cameras? You can grab it quickly by simply go to LOMONESIA’s site or you can also directly come to their shop.

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I know that this kind of camera doesn’t have lots of features like the digital ones do. But I think photos that are taken with LOMO cameras are so unique and extra-ordinary. And the designs of the cameras are uber cool and make it worth to be bought. Maybe some people say that it’s a digital-era and analogue is so two-thousand-late. Well, you know what? The future itself is analogue! :-D

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