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Guys!!!! So great to see you again. I'm being tired with thousands (Well actually it's not, only dozens but it felt like thousands) of try outs. But I know the more I study hard and practice, the better marks I'll get. And the closer I will be to the High School that I've been dreamin all day; 28 Senior High School!

And and guess what, when I just opened my blog today I found that Monique has tagged me on one of her post. (Y) Thank you so much Monique! It's my first tag-it-to-your-blog-fellas-post that I got from a foreign friend. Once again, thank you so much! 

I gotta write 10 things that make me happy and here they are:

I'm about to pass this to:

Another thing, I've just made my own formspring.me so feel free to ask me any questions here

I really wanna write more, but with school waiting for me tomorrow, I'm not sure I can sit in front of my computer any longer. So,

Bubye fellas
Sweet dream :))


  1. aah, thank you for the tag!! :) oh yes, and sleep is one of my favorites too :D

  2. This is adorable! Thanks for the insight :)


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